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We provide residential and community and employment supports. Residential Supports and Community and Employment are separate services. We receive reimbursement for both services, but it is NOT enough to cover the NEED and COST.  I want to share with you about the Community and Employment part of CCO' s services. 

Many people with disabilities need help in most aspects of their lives. Helping people to participate in the community and with employment goals takes tremendous effort and support. 

Community Day Service Type


Why we need your help!

(What it looks like after reimbursement)

Employment Based (EB)

Day Support

Frank is employable and wants to work. He wants to contribute like you and I, like his father, like his friends. Frank is like most of us, he feels valuable when he can contribute and participate like everyone else.  Frank needs assistance looking for work and if someone gives him a chance he needs a paid job coach to assist him in becoming trained at the job.  He may require a job coach indefinitely.  Without a coach, Frank will not be able to even attempt to reach this goal. 

Our clients must have a day time job to get any reimbursement.  Evening and weekends work is not reimbursable.

To support Frank-

CCO has

$10-$15 per DAY


until he has a job


If he has a job

$3-$10 per day loss

Community Based (CB)

Day Support

Elizabeth is not able to work for various reasons related to her disability, but CCO recognizes and emphasizes the importance of her participation in the community.  Elizabeth participates in community activities at her local YMCA, the library, she spends money to eat out and shops at local businesses. Elizabeth is VISIBLE in the community and contributes.  However, without the support of staff, she would not be able to participate.   

To support

CCO has

$11-$16 per DAY


    ***IF Elizabeth can not get out of the house for 6 hours between 8-5pm 
       there is NO reimbursement- Yes, she must be out of the house for 6 of           the 9 hours and evening activities do not count!  So if on any given
  Elizabeth’s  disability or motivation keep her from getting
have no payment for  services at all.

To support Elizabeth- if this happens,  CCO has

$85-$100 per DAY


Community Based  

Special Needs (CBSN)

John has Cerebral Palsy and medical and physical disabilities.  There are many days where John is not able to leave the house at all.  On most days, John requires nursing treatments that take4-6 hours and he is unable to leave home for any length of time.  CCO still values John’s desire to participate in the community when he is able. We MAKE IT HAPPEN-NO MATTER WHAT.  Whether a community service gets paid for or not we believe John should be able to participate in shopping, a show, going to the mall or a meal out. 

To support


CCO has

$13-$18 per DAY