Success Stories

Synopsis of a day for Brian:  Brian is scheduled to have lunch with the Director at CCO. His paid companion sends a text on his behalf stating he is running a few minutes late.  In 10 years, Brian has only missed about 5 of these Bi-monthly scheduled lunch appointments. When he arrives, he calls from the door to announce himself.  He shares about what he did the evening before:  He met mom for dinner and went down to Bridgestone for a concert. We have lunch and he tells me what is on “his books” and who he has seen or talked to since I last saw him. Before his companion drives him home or the next stop he makes sure he is on my book in two weeks.  [Brian doesn’t read or understand how to know where a concert is being held.  He isn’t able to call to purchase tickets or drive himself to the show.   Brian has supports (family, friends and paid staff) that help him voice what he likes and decide if he wants to participate. Brian loves country music and listens to the Opry Radio show a few times a week.  Brian loves to socialize and get out in the community.]  Brian contributes to his community by delivering mail part-time at a large Nashville Company. Brian has a happy and successful life but he needs assistance with everything he does.  
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What people say about Stephanie:
*I have seen a lot of growth in Stephanie the past couple of years.  When she comes to the office she is always so happy! She takes real pride in her home, her job and overall well-being. 
*When I first met Stephanie she was shy and somewhat withdrawn socially.  She isolated from others, with little ambition to interact with her peers or paid supports.  She did not communicate her feelings, needs or emotions well, which resulted in a lot of anger.  Over time, with encouragement and understanding, Stephanie now communicates her needs and desires appropriately.  Stephanie has maintained a job for 3 years, which she could never do before.  She has self-confidence, self-worth and takes pride in her accomplishments.  Stephanie is a responsible woman and is very independent. 
Synopsis-  [Stephanie has needed a lot of support so that she can live safely in her own home.  Staff have worked with Stephanie to move beyond her emotional and learning obstacles so that she can more appropriately express herself.  Supporting Stephanie has required trial and error to find the approaches and supervision that works best and ultimately eliminates challenges that would otherwise require an institutional type setting. What we provide at CCO makes sense to Stephanie and the results have allowed Stephanie to maintain stability and success for many years.  Success for Stephanie includes: positive relationships with her family, including spending time with her niece, success at work and her apartment of 6 years, she is cooperative with expectations and she no longer locks herself in her bedroom.]