Equal opportunity and Equal Rights are not unfamiliar concepts. In fact, our movement has learned much from the civil rights and women's rights movements. 
People with disabilities have been demanding accessibility to equitable housing, community access, employment and social activities.
In years past, people with disabilities, were institutionalized and subject to abuse and neglect, as well as denied the right to speak or advocate for their rights. 
Much legislation has now been enacted to support the equality of people with disabilities. 
       Did you know that it was not until 1975 (PL 94-142) that all
       children with disabilities were given the right to receive free
       and integrated public education.  
       Title XIX of the Social Security Act provides federal aid to provide 
       community based services and allowed for the decrease in 
       institutionalized people.
Despite the reams of laws, it is our responsibility to carry out the intent of the existing legislation.
Independence in living has been a goal in all disability movements: we support people with disabilities in their desire to live and participate in society.
At CCO, we give people a voice and support so that they can live where they wish, work if they so desire, gain work skills if necessary, and participate in the community as a valued member. We understand that a return to abuse and neglect, uninhabitable living conditions, isolation and degradation are unacceptable.                     
                           WE WILL NOT GO BACK!